Eating With Ease

The newsletter for people who are done with dieting and down with self-compassion.

Greetings! I’m Katherine Dittmann, Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Therapist. I am devoted to transforming the way people think about food and their bodies for a full and lasting recovery from eating issues.

Katherine Dittmann, MS, RDN

In short, my job is to make eating easier.

How do I do this? My food-positive and compassion-centered approach teaches you not just about nutrition and how your body works, but also how to get in tune with your own body, to trust your body, and actually be embodied.

My website is packed with resources and information to help you along on your journey. BUT, I save the best stuff for my newsletter, so I know it gets straight to the people who want and need it.

Is that you?

If you are someone who is curious, insightful, and discerning while being sometimes fierce, sometimes soft; someone who has had enough of the diet culture and fitness fanaticism; and you are ready to take back your power by making friends with your body again, then this newsletter is for you.

What’s in it?
  • Deep dives into the magic of self-compassion
  • Illuminating insights on intuitive eating
  • Synergistic explanations of how your body uses food
  • Inspiring uses for fun meal ingredients
  • Thoughtful musings on yoga and mindfulness
  • Actionable steps for on-going, sustained recovery
  • Gentle nudges to get you back on track when you’ve gone astray

Ready to dig in? Mailings come 2-4 times per month. Of course, you can unsubscribe or change your preferences at any time.

I hope you join us!