“Katherine provides a candid and heartfelt approach rich with wisdom and philosophy.  She has the extraordinary ability to be simultaneously calm, patient, and direct. She cuts through the BS that is the eating disorder with a profound grace and truthfulness that is hard to come by. She intertwines body-oriented approaches, such as mindfulness and intuitive eating, with a HAES and social justice lens. This allowed me to reconnect with my body despite the soup of sexism, racism, ableism, ageism, etc., that diet culture relies upon. I can now happily say that my disordered eating is mostly in remission, and I attribute a huge part of my success to Katherine’s thoughtful guidance. My work with Katherine has been integral to getting my life back. Our journey has allowed me to step into the fullness of my being and live a rich and fulfilling life that starkly contrasts the barren landscape that existed when I first met Katherine. Thank you tremendously, Katherine!”