EatLove Meal Planning

Meal Planning

Personalized meal plans for intuitive eating

Introducing EatLove meal planning, my favorite tech solution that answers the question “What should I actually eat?!”

EatLove meal-planning is a powerful and intuitive tool that helps take the hard work out of feeding yourself while providing the safety, structure, and flexibility you need while learning the skills of intuitive eating.

Here’s how EatLove meal planning can help:

  • Frees you from the rigidity of traditional recovery meal plans
  • No counting, tracking, or evaluating plates and portions
  • Reduces perfectionism
  • Built-in flexibility
  • Customized to your own needs and preferences
  • No nutrition information to distract you
  • Let the algorithm make suggestions that fit your own goals and personal profile
  • Increases safety in trying new things because it only suggests things consistent with your profile
  • Reduces the stress of decision making
  • Super easy-to-use
  • Delicious and simple recipes
  • Start where you are and skill-build from there
  • Learn to cook, shop, and plan ahead with the right level of support
  • Provides the structure for eating intuitively

Plus you get individual support from me, either a little or a lot, whatever you need.

No matter where you are on your intuitive eating journey, we’ll find a strategy for you.

Here’s what you get for $150:

  • Access to the EatLove meal planning platform for three months
  • A 15-minute onboarding session
  • Weekly email support from me
  • Discount of 10% off additional virtual support sessions
  • Thousands of dietitian-approved recipes
  • A customized profile that honors your preferences, needs, and skill level
  • Automatic meal suggestions that fit your profile
  • Ability to swap meals among a variety of choices
  • Integrated grocery list with optional order and delivery
  • Integrated meal kits by Sunbasket
  • Hundreds of restaurant suggestions that fit your profile
  • Accountability features such as food and activity logging
  • A 23-week nutrition education primer in your inbox
  • And more!

See how 12 weeks of EatLove meal planning personalized plans can support your own intuitive eating journey!

Questions? Ready to dive in?