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Savoring Presence: Mindfulness Skills for Attuned Eating

Spend the weekend with me and Marcella Cox, MS, LMFT, RYT at Mayacamas Ranch, Calistoga, the ideal setting to luxuriate in your own affectionate awareness, learning the skills that will prime your body to be receptive to the gifts of mindfulness and self-compassion. This retreat format draws from yoga and Mindful Self-Compassion to prepare the body and mind for mindful eating. Cost: $300 (+accommodations).

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Integral Eating

Combining core skills from intuitive eating, mindful eating, and self-compassion, this group teaches the foundations of normal eating using common-sense nutritional strategies. Meets weekly for 1 hour and 15 minutes for 6 weeks. Cost: $250 – $290.

Mindful Self-Compassion for Advanced Recovery

The Mindful Self-Compassion curriculum applied to eating disorders in a very gentle way. Appropriate for those who have achieved a level of stability in recovery and are ready to learn and implement skills to facilitate self-acceptance. Must be working with an outside therapist. Meets weekly for 2 hours for 8 weeks plus a half-day retreat. Cost: $380 – $425 (may be covered by some insurance plans).

Dine-Around Social Eating Group

Purpose is to increase comfort with social eating and ability to savor food, facilitate eating challenges, taste new foods, and provide support for adequate eating when in a restaurant. Appropriate for those who have overcome the majority of food fears and are able to eat a standard portion of food. Meets monthly (or more, depending on interest). Cost: $25 (does not include cost of meal).

Compassionate Body Yoga

Therapeutic yoga class to facilitate a friendly connection with the body, increase mindfulness, and explore relationships with food and the body using yoga philosophy. Meets weekly for 90 minutes for 6 weeks. Cost: $280 – $325.

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